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Ancestral Recovery Sessions

Book sessions of guided facilitation with your ancestors.

Dry Woods
Birth chart Reading

Forest for the Trees
Initial Session                          

90 min / $150

Creating relationships with your ancestors requires some time to orient within a ritual system of guidance and protection. This session is designed to introduce you to the ways in which you can be in conscious, sustained, ritually safe connection with your wise and well ancestors. This 90-minute session begins the process of ancestral connection with an introduction to the structure and assessment methods of the practice. Sliding scale fee available, see details below.

Relationship Reading
Autumn Road

Root Systems
Ancestral Recovery                   

60 min / $125

These sessions of guided facilitation offer progressive healing and connection through continued tending and relationship with one's wise and well ancestors. As the living expression of our ancestral lineages, our ordinary power of physical embodiment is an anchor for the healing of entire family systems. Through specific steps, this practice creates a structure of guidance and facilitation for connecting with the ancestral medicine and recovery of your people. Sliding scale fee available, see details below.

yearly Transit Reading
Forest Mist

Ancestral Healing Circles

$5 - $20 per person

Ancestral Healing Circles provide a supportive group ritual space for participants to progress with their ancestral connection and roots recovery. These circles may be held in person or online. Prior enrollment in an Ancestral Lineage healing course or permission from the facilitator are recommended prerequisites.


To request access to an existing or to create a new Ancestral Healing circle group with Jody, please email your inquiry to


The current BIPOC Ancestor Circle meets on Wednesdays biweekly at 8:00 pm ET. Contact for more information or to enroll.

Mentorship Exchange

60-90 min  /   free

This option is for members of the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network seeking an exchange session.

Sliding Scale Session

$75 - $150  per person private

$5 - 20  per person group

All sessions are available for a sliding scale fee. Private sessions range from $75 to $150. Group sessions range from $5 to $20 per person. How much you pay within each range is entirely up to you. Based on what feels authentically sustainable and valuable for you as an exchange, you may choose the amount.

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