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To the root.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Welcome to my musings. These posts are all I'm thinking y'all. I'm striving to be uncensored and authentic in these missives. Here you'll see some of my academic renderings and my poems. Songs, rants, and chants will also land here.

Thanks for checking in with me, and feel free to offer feedback.

I do love me a plant. And a plant metaphor really takes me there, too. I chose To the Root as the title of my everything, because I'm sinking into my deepest origin, my central support system, and the nourishing, soil seeking home parts of me that exist in my body--bones, blood, DNA--like the woody radicles that hold a plant's imprint identity in the center of a seed until it reaches into soil making sense of itself in earth.

“The root system is the descending (growing downwards) portion of the plant axis. When a seed germinates, [the] radicle is the first organ to come out. It elongates to form the primary or the tap root. It gives off lateral branches (secondary and tertiary roots) and thus forms the root system. It branches through large and deep areas in the soil and anchors the plant very firmly. It also plays another vital role in absorbing water and mineral salts from the soil and transporting them upward.” (Biology, 2018)

I'm thinking now about how seeds carry the basic blueprint of the plant and about how the conditions of the soil, access to light, water, and warmth all contribute to the unique life of plant people. Yes, that's right plant people. Our plant friends are people too. We have so much to learn from each other, and plants literally keep us alive. Their communities and lives are as complicated and sentient as our human versions. For a good read on these concepts you might take a look at:

I'm eternally curious about my own blueprint and the influences which guide and protect me (#ancestors #DNA #nurture). Because my initial entrance as a seedling--a zygote--was traumatic, I know there are aspects of my expression and experience that recapitulate early imprints and original defense mechanisms. I access these patterns through sensation in my body. The body remembers. A wise woman named Seane Corn once dropped that seed into the soil of my remembering.

Thanks again for being here and rooting around in these ideas about healing with me.

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