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To the Root


Whether we know their names or not, we are the face of our ancestors.
Our lives are forever connected to those who have come before us
and to those who will succeed us.

In tending to our relationships with kin,
we take the opportunity to honor, presence, and embody
the powerful medicine of our humanity.

I can help you
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Deeper Meaning Through Ancestral Recovery

Tiumaluali’i Jody Marie Hassel, M.F.A.


Stemming from her roots as an educator, trauma survivor, adoptee, and artist, Jody brings a sense of deep listening, embodied attunement, and wound wisdom to her practice of ancestral medicine. Jody

loves to sing, dance, swim, and spend time with her people who hail from Samoa, Norway, Sweden, and France. At birth, Jody was adopted by a loving family of Scandinavian-Americans, and she spends much of her time navigating her ancestral roots in auto-ethnographic memoir, songwriting, mindful movement, and Polynesian dance. As a third generation Alaska settler-colonizer raised in the unceded territory of the Lower Tanana Dené, she dedicates any merit of her practice to healing the trauma of these lands.


Jody's method of connecting with ancestral wisdom has evolved over centuries in various world cultures and is a refined system of recovery based on her work with multiple teachers and modalities over the past 30 years. These sessions are expressly specific to the Ancestral Medicine methodology of which Jody is a Certified Practitioner. Jody enlists her understanding of personal and community trauma to inform rituals of embodiment and the arts, creating access to healing, social-justice repair, and shared power.


“We're all ghosts. We all carry, inside us,
people who came before us.”


Liam Callanan

The Cloud Atlas

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